• Ajloverkaye


    June 18, 2015 by Ajloverkaye

    hi my name is kaylin for short call me kaye kayr plz on monday we meet in jamaa and on tusday we have fun and wensday we play games and on trusday me meet in mit shever and on frayday we dont come

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  • Bonniebunnyrocks123

    Polar bears

    December 7, 2014 by Bonniebunnyrocks123

    Polar bears are now here! what do you guys think of them                                                

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  • Ilovejamaa74


    July 24, 2014 by Ilovejamaa74

    Since I discovered Wikia added a new featured called Maps, I decided to create a map! :D Check out the maps!

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  • Ilovejamaa74

    I was being fandomy and then I decided to create a rating system Mythical could use to rate fanfictions, video, art, and games.


    • All Jammer Friendly Okay for Jammers of all ages, there may be some natural violence and/or some impoliteness.
    • Jammer Freaky There are content which may be only suitable for Jammers 10 years or older. It can be more cartoonish violence and some mild suggestive themes.
    • Jammers Strongly Warned Content may be not suitable for Jammers under 13 such as mild blood, violence, and mild use of profanity.
    • So Mature Content may be not suitable for Jammers under 16 such as mild strong violence, gore, sexual content, and profanity.
    • OMG SO OFFENISVE Content may be not suitable for Jammers und…

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  • Ilovejamaa74

    Hyenas have came today, these frisky felines that scurry around. Sadly, they are members only at the diamond shop. :( I feel that AJHQ is now demanding money with the Diamond shop. There hasn't been a nonmember animal for a year and I really want a new animal for us nonmembers. Also they are "member-onlying" important features that all jammer need such as safe chat, sending gifts, and chat history. This is really concerning all us as I'm part of the Non Member movement (you can go to there by clicking these words). Well I'm making a mini-non member movement called, "Paw for the Non-Members". I'll give you the page after doing this post.

    Jam on!

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  • Ilovejamaa74
    • Shutting down visual editor. It can't modify galleries and stuff.
    • Main page is going to be remodeled!


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  • Ilovejamaa74

    Blocked again. ._.

    Dear Animal Jam Wiki,

    Please do not block jammer that are immature. You are discriminating them. Immature jammers promise not to make drama anymore. Just please stop it.

    From, Ilovejamaa74

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  • Ilovejamaa74

    Blocked again!!!

    Army of Mythical clones coming through!!!!

    I'm thinking of throwing java bags on them.

    If any jammer comes and say I'm immature, I'll block them for 2 hours.

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  • Ilovejamaa74

    This is a facepalm

    March 14, 2014 by Ilovejamaa74

    I got blocked again on Animal Jam wiki for being a stupid retard. *facepalm*

    This wiki's news: Put this in the adoption center like this is a pookie.

    Animal Jam wiki is the only place where I'm disliked. In other places, people like meh. Well I'm going to sum up this wiki with some Club Penguin pictures.

    Who likes stompin' bob? He's handsome. (This is Club Penguin stuff)

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  • Ilovejamaa74


    January 18, 2014 by Ilovejamaa74


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  • Tinkertink


    July 10, 2013 by Tinkertink

    Beware of them they usually use the lion code or gift me i gift you scam. THey usually wear rare items allover etc.

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  • Ilovejamaa74

    Animal Jam Style

    June 12, 2013 by Ilovejamaa74

    Hey, Smarty pandas!


    Animal Jam Style!

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  • BloonsTowerDefense3

    I am the jammer of the month for February. It is my job to make this wiki a better place, since i am an admin, along with the other fellow admin, cahillanimal4 and the founder, ilovejamaa74.

    I think this wiki has gone a little bit downhill lately, since I think that for a week, ilovejamaa74 and me are the only active people on this wiki. I want to change that, even though most of the admins try to add more edits and features to the wiki.

    • Promoting the wiki on other wikis that don't mind.
    • Reccommending Wikia to friends and family, so we have heaps of happy workers that you know.
    • Be cheerful and active; if nobody is active then that means our wiki would be automatically be a adoption in the adoption center.
    • Make extra fun stuff so people get inte…

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  • Ilovejamaa74


    January 21, 2013 by Ilovejamaa74

    I'm a bunny in AJ. My panda still recovers. Bunny is my favorite now. BUNNIES BUNNIES BUNNIES!!!!!!!!! Ok, bunnies do amazing things. They dance on their ears and helicopters. Some people hate bunnies. Most girls are bunnies. They get to go to the bunnies only party. They're cute. Cool!

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  • BloonsTowerDefense3

    We need to...

    January 12, 2013 by BloonsTowerDefense3

    Get more people to come to this wiki! Count has many people on his wiki. It's not really fair! :(

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  • BloonsTowerDefense3

    Awesome wiki!

    January 7, 2013 by BloonsTowerDefense3

    This wiki is very cool! I will try to contribute as hard as I thought I would have been. But I might be inactive more than 30 days. Maybe. I'll just get started now!

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  • Ilovejamaa74

    A panda is your pal

    January 6, 2013 by Ilovejamaa74

    I'm your pal! A panda pal! Do you hate pandas? Pandas are your pals! Here is reasons why pandas are helpful.

    • If you don't want any bamboo, have a panda eat all of them.
    • Pandas love trees! Plant them!
    • Pandas will love water! They will drink all of them!
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