The bunnies only party in Animal Jam03:43

The bunnies only party in Animal Jam

Bunnies will love the bunnies only party!

Bunnies only party

Me at the bunnies only party

The Bunnies only Party is a party where bunnies only can attend.

The drumEdit

The drum is where the bunnies hop on. It is the mystery when a lot of bunnies hop on 'em....

Pet bunniesEdit

You can adopt pet bunnies there.

The shopEdit

Buy some stuff and music.

Bunny mat 300 gems
Bunny drum 350 gems
Bunny rug 350 gems
Bunny throne 700 gems
Patch of carrots 400 gems
Crystal carrot 600 gems
Hoppin' around 100 gems

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