The Summer Carnival is the best place in Jamaa where jammers can play there all summer long!
Summer carnival

Me at Summer Carnival

Game boothesEdit

Remember that you can only pay 5 gems to play these game.

Phantom ballEdit

Get your balls into the hole! Click the ball to stop the arrow and then click it again to get strength! Try to get it at the glowing hole to increase mutiplies.

Candy catchEdit

Catch the candy, not the phantoms! Move your cursor to catch the candy. If you catch a phantom, you lose your points! Try to get golden candy to get more points.

Carnival dartsEdit

Use the arrows right and left to move the dart shooter. use the up arrow or the space bar to shoot the dart. When you pop the balloon, you get points. If you pop a power balloon, you get bonus darts or secret powers! Try to get the phantoms at the top. But watch out for phantoms coming down or they'll steal your darts!


Click the phantom to hit it and get points! If you hit a golden phantom, you earn more points. Don't hit the electical phantoms or you lose your points!

Cotton candy makerEdit

Choose a cone, pick a flavor, get all the cotton out of the pan, and then click done! To get multiple flavors, add and scoop the cotton up! The secret one is the phantom cotton candy.

Print and play standEdit

With these activities, you can find words in the word search, find the difference, and create a silly story!


There is a plushie shop, clothing shop, and party pack shop.

Ticket shopEdit

Buy the tickets to get prize earning power!

Cost of tickets
1,000 tickets 500 gems
2,000 tickets 1,000 gems
5,000 tickets 2,500 gems

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