• I was born on September 1
  • I am a Minecraft addict
  • BloonsTowerDefense3

    I am the jammer of the month for February. It is my job to make this wiki a better place, since i am an admin, along with the other fellow admin, cahillanimal4 and the founder, ilovejamaa74.

    I think this wiki has gone a little bit downhill lately, since I think that for a week, ilovejamaa74 and me are the only active people on this wiki. I want to change that, even though most of the admins try to add more edits and features to the wiki.

    • Promoting the wiki on other wikis that don't mind.
    • Reccommending Wikia to friends and family, so we have heaps of happy workers that you know.
    • Be cheerful and active; if nobody is active then that means our wiki would be automatically be a adoption in the adoption center.
    • Make extra fun stuff so people get inteā€¦

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  • BloonsTowerDefense3

    We need to...

    January 12, 2013 by BloonsTowerDefense3

    Get more people to come to this wiki! Count has many people on his wiki. It's not really fair! :(

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  • BloonsTowerDefense3

    Awesome wiki!

    January 7, 2013 by BloonsTowerDefense3

    This wiki is very cool! I will try to contribute as hard as I thought I would have been. But I might be inactive more than 30 days. Maybe. I'll just get started now!

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