I am the jammer of the month for February. It is my job to make this wiki a better place, since i am an admin, along with the other fellow admin, cahillanimal4 and the founder, ilovejamaa74.

I think this wiki has gone a little bit downhill lately, since I think that for a week, ilovejamaa74 and me are the only active people on this wiki. I want to change that, even though most of the admins try to add more edits and features to the wiki.


  • Promoting the wiki on other wikis that don't mind.
  • Reccommending Wikia to friends and family, so we have heaps of happy workers that you know.
  • Be cheerful and active; if nobody is active then that means our wiki would be automatically be a adoption in the adoption center.
  • Make extra fun stuff so people get interested. Ilovejamaa74, I know you tried this but we can't give up!

I will still edit on this blog. More ideas will be posted soon.

Be Active, Engaged, Sucessful Wikians! So get active and do some great thingsto be the Jammer Of The Month! Happy Editing!

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